Thomas, 43, Head Chef

I use DELICARDO so that customers with food allergies can rely on and enjoy our prepared meals. I have always cooked with great passion and experimented a lot, so that my customers are offered unique dishes. In my training I learned little about food allergies and intolerances. Only relatively lately have I become aware of the importance of the matter, through attending a seminar. Of course there were always some customer notices; individual dishes that contain certain well known allergens. But only during the seminar did I realize the limited menu choice that people with food intolerances may have. Since I now know how many people may suffer from food intolerances, I have expanded our menu to accommodate some of them. There are now gluten-free pasta and pizza on our menu. We always have a supply of soy, rice and oat milk ready and because one cannot always keep everything we also have the DELICARDO foodposter hanging in our kitchen. So I have a quick overview of what items to watch out for in the various intolerances.