A smart helper for all those, who suffer from food sensitives or follow special nutrition philosophies and diets.


Simone Graebner, Founder

As a child I had many Gastro-Intestinal issues and was hospitalized several times. Only in 2007 was I finally diagnosed with Gluten intolerance. Since then by avoiding any food containing Gluten I have had no further problems. The embarrassing explanations in restaurants though continued. That is the reason why I invented the DELICARDO Foodcard, which prevents lengthy order discussions; as it summarizes in a short and precise way, the care to be taken in the preparation of my food.

Heiko, 35, Management Consultant

As the DELICARDO food card exists in many languages, it is the ideal accessory for my business travel.

Stephanie, 34, Nutritionist

The DELICARDO shows the person concerned at a glance, which foods they should avoid and what the alternatives are.

Tobi, 7, Schoolboy

With the DELICARDO I have no more stomach pain.

Thomas, 43, Head Cook

I use DELICARDO so that customers with food allergies can rely on and enjoy our prepared meals.

S. Graebner, CEO

I use the Delicardo Food card as it saves me from having lengthy order discussions at business meals. Therefore allowing the conversation to be undisrupted and remain focused.

Andrea, 28, Single

I use DELICARDO because dating is already complicated enough.

Herman, 61, Doctor

As a physician, I see in the DELICARDO food card an innovative product that makes it easier to help the patient through a change in diet.

Maja, 23, Student

By using DELICARDO I now feel completely integrated again despite my food intolerance.

Monika, 32, Mother

I use DELICARDO Food cards as it takes away the need for complicated explanations.

Hans, 58, Lawyer

I use the DELICARDO Food card as the card represents all my food recommendations in a short and effective way.

Anke, 21, Waitress

I use DELICARDO Food card; as the consideration of each individual customer is important.


Because the way to a one's heart goes through the stomach
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